3 Tips To Help Inspect Your Water Heater For Dangerous Problems

One of the most dangerous appliances in your home may be the one you think little about; the water heater. These systems are ticking time-bombs waiting to explode if you do not have maintenance done to them. This is why inspecting your water heater for potential problems and the repairs that need to be done is important. If you want to avoid problems with your water heater, here are some tips that will help you catch problems in time for repairs to be done:

1. Pressure Relief Valve Becoming Stuck And Causing A Danger

The pressure relief valve of your water heater is what allows excess pressure to escape the tank to prevent explosion hazards. Sometimes, this valve can become stuck or damaged. It is a good idea to occasionally inspect the valve for signs of damage. The damage may be something obvious like damage from it being struck. It may also be less noticeable, such as mineral deposits that cause it to stick. Look at the valve to see if there is a white calcium buildup, which may mean that the valve needs to be changed.

2. Leaking Old Water Heater Tanks That Cause Corrosion Of Parts

The leaking of your water heater can be another problem that you have to deal with. This is often a problem that is not much of a danger, but can lead to other problems. A leaking water heater can cause water damage in your home, as well as damage other parts that may be a hazard. If your water heater is leaking, it may need to be replaced to ensure that there are not anymore problems. This can sometimes be due to drain valves and other parts that have gone bad, which can just be replaced if the tank is still in good shape.

3. Water That Is Being Heated To Too Hot Of A Temperature

There are also situations where water may be heated to too hot of a temperature, which can cause several problems. This can be caused by a bad thermostat or simply because the temperature of the water heater has been set too high. The heat rising in your water heater can cause pressure to buildup, which can lead to an explosion. Check the setting of the water temperature, and if you continue to have an overheating problem, contact a water heater repair service to have them inspect the thermostat and replace it if needed.

The water heater in your home can be a ticking time-bomb when it is neglected, but with proper maintenance it is just another appliance. If you have noticed a problem with your water heater, contact a local water heater repair company like Clearwater Plumbing to get help with the repairs needed for your water heater.