Storage Solutions When You Have A Boss That Saves Everything

In a world where digital communication and storage reigns, it's still possible to get hired by a boss who insists on saving every piece of paper that crosses their desk. The hoarding habit might not even be limited to paper items, either. Promotional giveaway items they gather at trade shows, the signed football the guys in shipping gave for a birthday present last year, old reference books from college days, and dozens of other doodads can make the boss's office look cluttered beyond what you'd normally expect from a person in charge. If you work in a light industrial, assembly and shipping, or manufacturing business, the collection of items can be exponentially larger. Old equipment and parts, batteries, boxes, and all manner of things that could be discarded end up being saved "just in case" they can be put to use in some other way. This habit of saving can create a big problem when you're trying to serve your boss in an organized way. Before you throw your hands up in exasperation, it's time to show the boss how renting a self storage unit can make him -- and the whole company -- more efficient and professional.

Small Steps to Get Started

  • Requisition several file storage boxes and a big box of file folders.
  • Gather all the papers around the perimeter of the office and file them in rational order. Label each box with general descriptors such as "Personnel," "Competitors," and "Suppliers". Organize the files by date, if possible.
  • Stack the filled boxes in a corner of the room. Keep a list of every time your boss needs something that you've stashed away. It's likely not going to be very often, but when it happens you can easily ask which category it might be in so that it can be found with relatively little fuss.

Making the Big Move

  • Present your boss with the rates for nearby self storage units. Tell the boss you want to move the boxes there on a specific date to free up valuable space in their office and give it a professional appearance.
  • Appeal to the boss's vanity. Carefully arrange two or three special items, such as awards or gifts from clients, on top of the filing cabinet and desk. Point out how much better it looks now, and that you'll be storing everything else in a nearby unit so the decor can easily be changed at any time.
  • Give your boss a diagram of what boxes and items are where in the storage unit, along with their own set of keys and the security code, if one is needed. Give your boss a tour when it's all set up so they can feel comfortable that there's a place for everything and things can easily be found when they're wanted.

Now it's time for both you and your boss to enjoy the newfound freedom of having a tidy office to work in. For more information, contact companies like Diaz Super Storage.