DIY Fence Building: 4 Air Compressor Add-Ons To Help Speed Up The Job

Adding a fence on your property is a great way to add privacy, landscaping design, and safety for pets or children. The costs of a fence installation can quickly add up if you're hiring a contractor to complete the job. You can save hundreds of dollars if you choose to complete a fence installation on your own. By purchasing your own materials, you can quickly build a fence and feel proud of the creation that you built. As you plan your fence building, there may be tool rentals that are needed to make the job go faster and easier. By renting an air compressor, you can also rent some add-on tools to go with it. There are four specific tools to help with your fence building. Each one will work on a specific process and uses the power of the air to get tasks done quickly. Browse through each of these air compressor add-ons to see how they can benefit you while building a fence.

Air Tampers

Solid and flat ground is needed to help create a level and stable fencing area. Once way to help achieve this stability is with an air tamper. These air compressor tools feature a flat circular base. When a trigger is pulled, the tamper will slam the base into the ground to help press soil together and compact it as much as possible. After a fence post has been placed into a hole, the tamper can be used all around the edges to help ensure that the pole is secure and the soil will not come loose. If an extra post hole was accidentally dug, the tamper can also be used to help fill this hole. Once dirt is placed in the hole, the tamper can press it down and eliminate a vulnerable area around the fence installation.

Power Post Drivers

One of the more labor-driven processes of installing a fence is placing the posts into the ground. You can achieve secure placement and even post heights by renting a power post drive with an air compressor. These tools are designed specifically for placing fence posts into the ground. They are compatible with all type of fencing materials including wood, steel, and vinyl. The top of the power post driver is inserted over the top of the fence post. With a little pressure, a button is pressed and the post is forced into the ground. The quick force allows the post to get placed deep into the ground without disturbing too much surrounding soil and landscaping.

Air Impact Wrenches

Once the posts are installed, it's time to connect other pieces of fencing. If any attachments are using bolts or screws, then you can help speed through the process using an air impact wrench. The air-powered device can connect to air compressor to create quick rotations and power. This is especially helpful for large industrial hinges that are used on fence gates. The air impact wrench can help insert and tighten a bolt in a matter of seconds. This will help eliminate the manual labor it takes to twist and turn each bolt.

Air Staplers

If you're using wood or vinyl fencing materials, then you may be attaching specific sections using a thick and durable fencing staples. For example, if you are adding barbed wire sections to your fence, then a staple may be used to attach the barbed wire directly to the wooden post. This staples can be added securely with the rental of an air-powered staple. With a press of the trigger, the staple can connect to the fence post straight and evenly. It will sit flush to the post and allow you to complete all your stapling needs very quickly. The air stapler will often come with a long hose that makes it easy to extend along the fence area and reach all of the needed sections.

Contact an air compressor rental company to find out more information about these add-on tools and the rental rates for them.