Factors That Affect The Price You Will Pay For A Gym Floor Tarp

The flooring in most school gyms is made from maple wood. This is because these gyms often double as indoor basketball courts and this is what indoor basketball courts are made of. Unfortunately though, in schools, most gyms have to be multi-functional. They are not only used by basketball teams. Cheerleaders may use the space to practice their stunts, dances can be held in the space, the color guard can practice their flag twirling in the space, and rallies or graduations may be held inside. All of these actives can cause scratches, scuffs, dents or gauges in the floor.

This is where a gym floor tarp comes in. The tarp protects the floor when it is used for one of these other events. However, most schools are on a tight budget, which means money is important. Learning what factors affect the price of a gym floor tarp will help you when pricing them out for your school.

The Thickness of the Tarp

One of the factors that can affect the price of a gym floor tarp is the thickness of the tarp. The majority of tarps on the market are made from vinyl. However, the thickness of vinyl can vary. As a general rule of thumb, the thicker the vinyl, the more the tarp will cost. A thicker tarp tends to last longer and hold up better when exposed to a large variety of activities. If you only need the tarp a couple of times a year, a thinner one may work. But if you use the tarp often, you will want a thicker one.

If the Tarp Is Cut to Size

Another factor that will affect the cost of a gym floor tarp is whether the tarp is cut to size or not. Most tarps come in standard sizes. However, this standard size may or may not fit your gym floor. If it does not, you can either cut it to size yourself or custom order it. Cutting it to size yourself can be a hassle, but it can save you money, which is important if your school has limited funds.

If Any Logos Are Added to It

The last factor that affects the price is customization. Many gyms floors have either the name of the school and/or the school logo or mascot at center court. But when you use a tarp, you hide this information. If you want visitors to the gym to be able to identify your school and your logo or mascot, you may want to have your logo printed or painted on the tarp. However, this will increase its price.

A gym floor tarp can protect your wood gym floor and increase its lifespan. However, before you buy one, it is important to learn what factors affect the price. 

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