Tips For Keeping Your Receptionist Desk Well Organized And Functional

If you have recently started working as a receptionist, then you likely have a new receptionist desk that you need to become comfortable with. If this is your first time working in an office, then you should know that the setup of your desk is key. Keep reading to learn about the best tips that can help you keep yourself organized and working well.

Setup Your Desk Properly

Before you begin your job, you want to set up your disk properly for better work flow. The first thing you should do is place your computer monitor just off-center from your direct forward line of sight. This allows you to interact with clients or customers without your computer getting in your way. The screen should be set 45 degrees to your left or right. This way you can turn your torso slightly so you can type. Also, you want the screen to be placed towards the door of the business if the entrance does not directly face the front of the desk. This makes it easy for you to see customers so you can great them quickly.

Once you have the computer screen placed correctly, make sure it is about 16 and 30 inches from your eyes. This is ideal to keep eye strain to a minimum. Most people feel most comfortable with the screen about 16 or 17 inches from their eyes, so start with this distance and move the screen backwards slowly until you feel comfortable with it. The keyboard should be placed in a way that your wrists can remain straight and you can comfortably set your hands on the keyboard to type. 

You want to then place your phone, notepad, appointment book, and any other daily use items on the same side of your desk as your dominant hand. This is best to make sure that you do not need to reach over your body to access the things you have to use. 

Limit Personal Items

Controlling your own workspace is one way that you can personalize the space and aid in your own comfort and happiness at work. Experts agree that individuals are happier if they can personalize their work areas, like their desks. This may mean bringing pictures, child drawings, and other momentos in from home. 

While it may be in your best interest to decorate your space and to place a few of your favorite things on your desk, it should be limited. There are a few reasons for this. If you place too many personal things on your desk, then this can reduce your productivity and your ability to concentrate. All of the things on your desk can leave your brain feeling fatigued. Basically, your brain will need to identify, interpret, and make sense of all the visual information it takes in. 

Not only should you minimize your personal items to one or two things, you also should do your best to keep your desk neat and tidy. If you are not actively using files or papers that are stacked on your desk, then make sure to file them. You also should not place a bunch of sticky notes on your monitor. One or two notes that remind you of things that need immediate attention are best.

Also, one or two pens on your desk are more than enough. Place the rest, along with extra paper clips, staples, and other office supplies in your desk drawers. If you do not have room for all of these things, then think about adding a file organizer or a clip on cubby or other add-on to your desk. In this situation, a simple corner desk addition may be a good choice to extend your receptionist desk.