4 Things You Must Know Before Buying A Home That Uses Propane For Heating

Many homes utilize propane for heating during the cold winter months. There can be many advantages to buying a house that uses propane for heating-- it is often less expensive than oil or electricity, and burns cleanly. But it is important to ask questions and understand several things before you buy a home that uses propane. Some things you need to know include:

Tank Ownership

When buying a home with propane heating, it is important to know whether you will own the gas tank outright or if you will be renting it from a fuel company. There are pros and cons to both situations. If you will own the propane tank outright, you will not have to pay a monthly rental fee. On the other hand, if you are renting the propane tank on your property, you will not be responsible for maintaining it. No matter which situation applies, you need to know whether you rent or own the propane tank.

Size of the Tank

When looking at a home that uses propane for heating, make sure you inquire about how large the tank is. Residential propane tanks can vary greatly in size, from hundreds of gallon to thousands of gallons. The size of the propane tank attached to the home can make a big difference in how often you need to arrange to have propane delivered to your house by a fuel company.

Location of the Tank

Homes that use propane can have the tank either above ground or buried underground. If you decide to purchase a home that uses propane, you will need to know exactly where the tank is in order to arrange for propane gas delivery. In most cases, the propane tank will be above ground if you will be renting it from a fuel company. Some people prefer to buy a house that has the propane tank buried underground since it is much more visually appealing and doesn't take up space on the lot.

Maintenance Records

Just like any major household appliance, propane tanks need to be properly maintained in order to ensure that they operate properly. Before buying a home that utilizes propane for heating, it is in your best interest to request maintenance records from the seller. If the seller is not able to submit documentation that shows that the propane tank has been properly maintained over the years, you may want to consider looking at other houses. The last thing you want is to be saddled with high bills to repair or replace a propane tank that you own.