3 Tips For Discussing Your Final Wishes With Your Family

One of the most difficult conversations you will have with your family is about your final wishes. However, it is important that you discuss what you want to happen with your remains following your death. Here are some tips to help you have the conversation before it is too late.  

Pre-Plan Your Services

Before talking with your family, you want to be sure that your final arrangements are in place. By pre-planning your funeral or memorial services, you will have the answers to questions your family will have when you do discuss the services with them.  

Pre-planning also helps to guarantee that your services are as you want them to be. In addition to this, pre-planning gives you the chance to pre-pay for the services, which means your family will not be tasked with covering the expenses after your death.  

Choose the Right Time

Ideally, you should wait until the entire family is together to discuss your wishes. If you approach each person individually, you not only have to explain your wishes multiple times, but you run the risk of other relatives hearing about your wishes before you have a chance to discuss your plans with them.  

Unfortunately, this could possibly lead to conflict with family members who are not in agreement with your plans. By telling them all at once, you can explain why you have made the plans you did. Family members who support your wishes can help you deal with relatives who do not.  

Be Open to Conversing About Your Wishes

Although it might be tempting to state your wishes and then try to end the conversation, you have to be willing to hear out your family members' thoughts on them. Ultimately, how your services are handled is up to you, but allowing your family to voice their feelings about your wishes can help to avoid conflict.  

While listening, you need to remember that this is a difficult discussion for everyone and emotions can run high. Avoid getting into a shouting match with your loved ones. Showing empathy towards your family members can help to ease tensions.  

Putting off the conversation about your final wishes could result in conflicts after your death. By approaching the subject now, you can ensure your wishes are respected. Talking now also gives your family the time they need to come to terms with what you want to occur following your death. 

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