How To Prevent Items From Breaking During Your Move

One fear that many people have about moving is about their belongings breaking while in transit to their new home. When you are moving quickly, you may end up treating boxes rougher than they should be treated, which could result in the contents inside becoming damaged. That's why you must know how to prevent items from breaking and how to make sure you're protected in case certain things do become damaged.

Double Box Fragile Items

Have you ever noticed that some items that you purchase online are packaged within two boxes? The small box is typically wrapped with packing material and then stuffed inside a larger box. This gives the item inside some added protection in case it is bumped around when being shipped. You can use this same method for packing up your fragile items, such as fine china.

Buy Specialized Boxes

There are special boxes designed for moving some items, such as picture frames, glassware, and even lamps. You should buy these boxes for your belongings whenever possible, because they are designed to fit a specific item for the best protection possible. They need to go in a box for the move, so you might as well buy one designed for specific items with their shape in mind.

Cover Your Screens With Cardboard

TVs and computer monitors are expensive, and the big screen on them is at risk for becoming damaged during a move. Even if you are not putting these items in a box due to their size, you can cut up a box to use it as a screen protector. Make sure that the cardboard covers the entire screen, and then wrap the monitor in plastic so it stays in place.

Backup Hard Drives

Does your computer have a hard drive inside it with a traditional spinning disk? If so, these hard drives can become damaged if they are bumped around too much during a move. While it is best to move computers with care, you should also back up your data before you move just to be safe. The information you could potentially lose will be impossible to replace, which is why you should back up the data so it is in two different places.

Buy Moving Insurance

If you are using professional movers, it is worth it to buy the additional insurance that they offer. Laws say that moving companies need to offer you standard insurance where items are insured by their weight rather than their replacement value. This means that you will get reimbursed more for a heavy bookshelf than you would get for a lightweight HDTV. Pay for the additional full coverage insurance for peace of mind.

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