Put Your Toddler’s Mind At Ease Before You Move

Moving is often stressful, but when you have a toddler, you can't become so wrapped up in your own emotions that you don't take into consideration how your upcoming move is affecting your little one. Moving can be hard on toddlers. They typically have a daily routine that they are used to following and moving disrupts that routine. Unfortunately, any stress your toddler is feeling is most likely displayed by your toddler suddenly becoming overly needy or acting out. By taking steps to help your toddler cope with your upcoming move, you can move without a lot of unnecessary problems.

Talk About Moving to Your New Home

Toddlers often get anxious because they don't know or understand what's going on around them. Big changes, such as moving, can be really scary to your little one because he or she really doesn't know what to expect. One day, everything is normal, and the next you're putting everything in the house in boxes. To calm your little one's nerves, you need to discuss the upcoming move with your toddler to ensure he or she understands that your whole family is moving together — no one will be left behind. You should also make sure your toddler understands that any pets you have are coming to the new home and that all of his or her belongings are going to the new house too.

You can make moving into a fun adventure by talking about your new house in detail. Discuss what your toddler's new room will look like, as well as some fun places located nearby. This way, you build excited surrounding your move instead of fear. You can also draw pictures of your new home with your toddler.

Have Fun with the Moving Truck

When you rent a moving truck, pick it up as early as possible so your toddler can see it before you begin loading it. Build up your little one's excitement by allowing him or her to have a bit of fun with the big moving truck. You can let your little one run around in the back of the truck, while you explain that the truck will be used to take all of your family's stuff to your new house. You can also sit in the cab of the truck with your toddler and let him or her pretend to drive the moving truck. If your toddler views the moving truck as something that's fun, he or she will be more excited and less fearsome about moving day.

Remember, the more you make moving day seem like a fun, adventure, the easier it will be for your toddler accept your upcoming move. Do what you can to make moving fun and include your little one throughout the entire process to keep his or her mind at ease. For more information or assistance, try these guys out, or similar companies in your area.