Cool Tech Based Promotional Products To Consider

If you want to pass out promotional products that people will actually use, one of your best options is to consider tech based promotional products. Small tech products are one of those product types that most people need but hate to purchase for themselves because it seems like a waste. If you can find products that your clientele is most interested in, you have the potential to incorporate your branded promotional products into the daily lives of your clientele, allowing your products to be a lot more effective. Here are some cool tech based promotional products that you should consider.

1. Stress Ball Cord Organizers

People are increasingly likely to carry around their phone chargers with them at all times in order to ensure that they are connected to their company and to those they care about the most. These cords get tangled and can be annoying to pack in briefcases or purses. One solution to this problem that you could offer is a branded stress ball that doubles as a cord organizer. This product has a groove in the middle that allows you to wrap your cord around the center and have it stay in place, while still leaving the stress ball part of this product functional. 

2. Selfie Stick

Another option is to pass out selfie sticks. People like to hate selfie sticks, but when they get one, they find it's way easier to simply use it to capture great moments with their friends. However, they never want to buy one for themselves. Introduce your clientele to the joys of selfie sticks by passing out branded ones at your next trade fair. This is critical because it will allow your brand to work its way into the daily lives of your customers.

3. Stylus Pens That Double as a Flash Drive

People always lose stylus pens. Giving them a stylus pen with your brand's logo on it is a good start. However, you can double the use of the pen by adding a USB to it so that it can also be used as a flash drive. This is an insanely useful product that people will strive to keep with them at all times in order to ensure that they are able to easily use their tablet and store documents.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in promotional products, such as Keeton's Office Supply. They might have other options for you.