Tips For Increasing Employee Awareness Of Your Compliance Plan

If you spend a ton of time getting your compliance system in order so that you can ensure that everyone at your company has the tools that they need to comply with workplace safety standards and ethics rules, the last thing that you want is for no one to be aware of the compliance plan. This is going to seriously hinder your compliance efforts and potentially cause a safety or ethics violation. Here are some tips for increasing employee awareness of your compliance plan.

1. Use Software to Manage Training

The first thing that you need to do is use software to manage whether or not every employee has gotten the compliance training that they need in order to keep the workplace safe for everyone. Most compliance management software makes it very easy for to automate the task of creating an account for each employee and then tracking their progression through the compliance training modules. It also allows you to take employee feedback about the trainings so that you can improve them in the future to make them more useful. Finally, make sure that you are using software that will allow you to regularly contact employees and automatically send out reminder emails to complete the trainings in order to spur your employees to action as soon as possible.

2. Use Social Media Marketing Strategies to Encourage Awareness

Social media marketing allows companies to engage with users and increase their overall brand awareness. Use the same techniques for your compliance training. Create competitions for each department to see who can get 100% of their trainings done the fastest. Have every employee that performs the compliance training within the first week that it is offered be entered into a raffle. Gamify the trainings themselves so that employees can interact with them more fully. Doing all of this will further help you ensure that employees are aware of your compliance goals and plans.

3. Use Narratives

Finally, when you are presenting complicated compliance issues to your employees, be sure that you present them as a narrative. Stories are easy for people to understand and, more importantly, they are easy for people to remember. This will help make your compliance trainings stick in the heads of your employees and make them much more effective overall.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in compliance management tools, such as Ethix360. They will be able to give you some advice.