Caring For Your New Air Conditioning Unit

After having a new air conditioner put in,  you may be relieved that the days of coping with unbearable heat in the summer are over. However, to make sure you don't experience that again any time soon, you're going to have to keep your eye on some things and do the following maintenance tasks to preserve the unit.

Check for Debris Infiltration

With a new air conditioning unit out in the back yard, you might not think about it at all until it stops working. Regular attention to the unit should be part of your overall home maintenance schedule; looking for debris infiltration in the fan or other components can give you the chance to remove items right away before they cause trouble. You might want to do a quick unit inspection after each time you mow the lawn, as grass and weeds can be some of the culprits that can build up and get into the unit. It's also smart to move branches, leaves and other things out of the way nearby so there's a lower chance that they'll end up disturbing the air conditioner.

Keep Lines Insulated

Refrigerant lines can start to "sweat" in the summer air unless they're properly insulated. Not only that, but being exposed to the sun, the air that ends up reaching your living spaces may not be as cool as it should be. If the line insulation begins to wear down, replacing it can be easily done by heading off to a home improvement store and choosing either insulating tape or foam pieces.

Troubleshoot Minor Issues

It's easy to think normal wear and tear is setting in when you start to hear some rattling or have a weaker air flow. However, you should take note of every unusual thing that happens so you can investigate it before it turns into a major, expensive repair. Rattling can sometimes be fixed by tightening screws which keep the unit in place, for instance, and weaker air flow could just mean you've got to brush off the filter. Waiting to address minor issues might allow them to get worse; that filter could end up tearing, for example.

When you're able to remember to get these things done, you'll find that your new air conditioning unit continues working without a problem and that you're able to notice any early signs of unit damage right away. Ask the installer for more tricks and tips which could prolong its life.