Four Good Reasons Why You Might Want To Use A Staffing Agency

A staffing agency helps fill open positions will all kinds of companies and different job needs. A staffing agency can be very helpful when you are shorthanded. However, you might be reluctant to use the services of staffing agencies. Here are four good reasons why you might really need to use their services.

1. Your Administrative Assistant Went into Early Labor or Is on Bed Rest

Issues with pregnancy and the delivery of a child often put employers on the spot for help. You do not expect your administrative assistant to go into early labor or be put on bed rest. It just happens. This is exactly the type of situation for which staffing agencies are prepared to provide you with quality replacements for your usual assistant.

2. Half Your Unionized Plant Just Walked Out

You understand that unions attempt to get what is fair for both the company and the plant workers. Yet, when union workers go on strike, your plant is in the lurch. You cannot hire permanent replacement workers for everyone that walked out, but you cannot continue daily operations either. Staffing agencies can fill those temporarily empty spots until you can work things out with the union.

3. You Need Temporary Employees for a Surge in Production or Sales

You expect that fourth quarter production or sales is going to spike, and you do not have enough employees to cover the work required for this period. Since you cannot make what employees you have work double and triple shifts continuously, you need more employees temporarily. You do not want to go through the interviewing and hiring process for employees that you do not intend to keep once this surge in production or sales is over.

4. You Do Not Have the Time to Search for, Interview, and Hire Qualified Candidates

The insanity related to taking time away from daily operations to advertise, search for, interview, and hire qualified candidates is so unappealing that you do not want to do it. Yet, you need qualified candidates to fill open job slots. You can actually hand this employment process off to staffing agencies. They completely handle the process and carefully select the best candidates for your list of qualifications. Then they send you the best of their staff search results. You pick who you want to hire through the agency. If it all works out well, you can even hire those staffing employees permanently.

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