3 Attributes To Look For In Quality-Made Exit Devices

In locations where there can be a high concentration of people at any given time, emergency situations can become even more dangerous than usual. Therefore, having exit devices installed on your exit doors is a wise decision if you are the owner of one of these places. Exit devices allow quick exit at times when people may be in a rushed panic and not thinking clearly, so they serve a vital purpose, but not every exit device is created the same. Take a look at some of the attributes to be looking for while you shop for exit devices to have installed on your building's doors. 

Look for exit devices that boast a smooth shape. 

Exit devices will be pushed against at full force when people are heading out through the door, so any kind of sharp or rough edge can actually be a safety concern. Some of the older exit devices had quite the boxy exterior, which could easily scratch or harm someone if they were to run into it. The best modern versions, however, will have a more rounded shape. You won't see any sharp creased or squared edges, only a more contoured, rounded design. 

Look for exit devices that have a warranty for mechanical parts. 

Most exit devices are designed to withstand many years of use, but the best will actually offer the purchaser a warranty for the mechanical or moving parts of the unit. When you buy an exit device that has this warranty, you can rest assured that the thing is built to good standards and expected to last for the long term and function in a reliable manner for many years. Some of the best companies offer lifetime warranties for mechanical parts of the units. 

Look for exit devices that have a sturdy steel construction. 

You will want exit devices to be durably built because through many years of use, the exterior can really start to look worn and ragged, which can make the door itself look to be in bad shape. Stainless steel is lighter in weight and will hold up well through the tests of time. For instance, steel exit devices will not scratch or ding so easily, even with pretty blunt force with heavy objects. You can pick up some models that are made with hard plastics and other metals, but these tend to wear down much faster and show their age far too soon. 

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