Three Tips For Your First Spa Visit

Visiting a spa for the first time may seem a little overwhelming, which can counteract the purpose of relaxation that lead you to visiting the spa in the first place. The key to avoiding any stress is to know what to expect and how to handle your time at the spa like a pro. The following tips can help you make the most of your first spa experience.

Tip #1: Plan your visit in advance

Most full-service spas will provide you with a menu of services when you book. If this isn't provided online or over the phone, request to be sent your options ahead of your visit via email. This way you can look over and research what is available and plan your visit according to your desires. This is especially important if you are on a budget and the spa pricing isn't all inclusive — you don't want to accidentally accept a treatment that isn't in your budget. From the menu, you will be able to choose a spa schedule. For example, you may want to start with a massage, then spend some time in a hot soak before undergoing a facial and pedicure. Planning your visit in advance ensures you only partake of those services which are important to you.

Tip #2: Ask about the amenities

Generally, the most basic of spa services will at least provide you with a robe and slippers. Additional items, such as hair care and personal hygiene items, may also be provided or available for a small fee. So you aren't caught by surprise, ask in advance so you know what is provided and what you should bring as well as what should be left at home. This way you can be sure you are comfortable and that there are no surprise extra expenses during your visit.

Tip #3: Follow your own comfort

One area that many first-time spa-goers feel nervous about is what to wear underneath the robe. The correct answer in most cases is whatever makes you comfortable. It's accepted to wear nothing as well as to wear your underwear. This goes for most treatments as well. Your massage therapist won't mind if you prefer to keep your underclothes on, although it may limit accessibility for treatment. If you are planning any soaks, bring a swimming suit. The goal is for you to be comfortable and to relax.

If you have further questions, contact a spa in your area.