3 Types Of Material You Can Use With A Backlit Countertop

An illuminated or backlit countertop can be a really stunning effect, especially within a business setting. An illuminated bar inside of a restaurant can be a real eye catcher, for example. If you would like to install an illuminated countertop in your business, you need to figure out the best countertop material to install.

Stone Countertop 

Stone is a great countertop material because it is really strong and holds up well. A stone countertop is not going to get worn down by all the constant attention it will get when it is installed inside your business.

If you want an illuminated stone countertop, you are going to need to choose a translucent stone option. That doesn't mean that the stone is see-through; it just means that light can come through the countertop.

Add in lights under the countertop, and you have an illuminated countertop. The impact of an illuminated stone countertop is beautiful. Not only is the countertop lit up, you can now see and experience the swirls and details of the stone in an entirely different way.

Stone countertops, especially translucent ones, can be expensive, but worth it to invest in.

Resin Countertop

If you are working with a little tighter budget, resin is a great material to use for an illuminated countertop. Resin is a manufactured material. As the material is manufactured, you are able to create a unique countertop that works perfectly for your business.

With resin countertops, you can use different base colors. You can create whatever patterns or shapes you want within the countertop surface, which can be really fun when you illuminate the countertop with light. You can even add material into the countertop, such as glitter or metal cutouts or other flat objects.

If you want a completely original illuminated countertop, a resin countertop is a great idea.

Glass Countertop

Finally, you can go with the classic illuminated countertop material. Glass is one of the most classic countertop materials used for illuminated efforts. You don't have to just use clear glass for your countertops either. You can use colored or patterned glass to create the exact impact you are looking for with an illuminated countertop.

If you want an illuminated countertop, you have a few different options. Stone is great if you need a really sturdy and strong countertop, but it is going to cost you. Resin countertops are more affordable and can be fun to create a custom look. Glass countertops provide some creativity as well and look beautiful when illuminated.