3 Types Of Display Banners You Can Use During The Grand Opening Of Your Business

When you are opening your business for the first time, it is a huge deal. You want to make sure people know what you are selling and quickly learn about any of the deals you are offering. Because the grand opening is so special, you should invest in assorted display banners that you can use throughout the building. These banners are great to use because they garner a lot of attention and can help you make more sales.

Large Retractable Banners  

Large retractable banners are great to use near the front of the building. You can have one of these banners created with a list of some of the products you are offering or services you are providing to the consumers. If you place the banner by the front doors of your new establishment, you can make sure all guests that come into the building can easily find out more about what you are offering. These types of banners are lightweight and portable. You can easily move these banners around from one spot to the next.

Backdrop Banners

When you want to get a lot of exposure, backdrop banners are ideal. You can place a backdrop banner in a spacious area inside the store. Guests that attend the grand opening event can stand in front of the backdrop banner and take photos. Most of these people will post the photos to social media sites and that is what will help you get even more exposure. Simply make sure you have your logo and the name of your business neatly displayed on the backdrop banner for everyone to see.

Vinyl Wall Banners

If you want outsiders to come into your establishment to check out what you are offering, you should have a vinyl wall banner with grand opening details displayed on it. You can place this banner outside of your establishment to get attention from people that are driving, cycling, or walking past the building. If they notice the grand opening sign, they might feel more inclined to stop in and see what you are selling. Choose bold colors for the vinyl wall banner to make sure it stands out.

During the grand opening of your business, it is best to use different types of signage. You can place a large retractable banner by the front doors to let people know what you sell. Aside from having a banner by the front doors, you can get a backdrop banner for photos and a vinyl wall banner to put outside and let everyone know about the grand opening.