Things To Consider When Drilling A New Water Well On Your Property

If you are considering drilling a water well on your property, there are some things that you need to consider. It is essential that you get a water well drilling company involved in the process early so that you can get all the information you need before the process begins.

Location of the Well

Picking a spot on your property for the water well drilling should not be a random choice. If you are building on the property, you need to consider where the house or building is going to be on the site because you do not want to build over the well. The well should be close to the structure if possible but not so close that the construction process could affect the well in any way. 

You also need to find an area that has the best potential for holding water on the property. It is crucial that the water well drilling company drills into an area that has a lot of bedrock in it because the low-lying bedrock has the highest potential for producing a good well.

The drilling company will often use topographic maps and may walk the property with you to identify areas that are best suited for well sites. Primarily you are looking for low areas or small valleys in the land that indicate bedrock and sedimentary rock below the surface.

How Deep Is Too Deep?

When you are having a water well drilling company to drill your well, you may wonder how deep they can drill to get water for you. In some cases, there is water not far below the surface, but it is important that the well hits the bedrock so that the well casing can be properly seated in the rock.

Wells that are three hundred feet deep are not uncommon, and sometimes a well can go five hundred feet if needed. The depth of your well is going to depend on where the drilling company hits bedrock and water. Keep in mind, though, if the company drills in an area and does not hit bedrock, the well may still be viable, but it is not a perfect situation. 

The pump that will go into the well needs to be the right one for the depth of your new water well, or it may not be able to supply enough water to the surface. If the water well drilling company is installing the pump for you, they will select a pump based on the depth of the well and the amount of water the well is producing. 

If you have questions about what you will need for a pump, ask the well company to give you details about the pump, the well, and any of the components that will be necessary to supply water to your home.