4 Products That Can Boost Your Print Marketing Success

Print media can be overlooked in today's digital world. When it comes to connecting with consumers, printed items can still be very effective. The key to a good print marketing campaign is to invest in the right products.

Add these four products to your suite of printed items if you want to improve the overall success and reach of your print marketing efforts.

1. Business Cards

No company should overlook the importance of business cards. While most people save contacts directly to their phones, this isn't always possible in a business networking situation.

Business cards give you the ability to quickly and easily pass along your contact information to potential customers and vendors with ease. Your contact information can be saved by the card's recipient at their convenience.

2. Brochures

A brochure can be a very useful tool when you are trying to educate consumers about a new product or service. Brochures rely on photographs and small blocks of script to convey information. Consumers can find more in-depth information on your website.

A brochure is meant to answer questions or spark interest immediately. A consumer that is told to visit your website while in the store will likely forget by the time they get home again.

Printed brochures can serve as a visual reminder to conduct follow-up research that might lead to the consumer making a purchase from your company.

3. Door Hangers

You can easily create a targeted marketing campaign by using door hangers. A door hanger is essentially a small piece of advertising that can be placed directly on the front door of a consumer's residence.

The door hanger is placed in a highly visible location, which means that the homeowners will find it easily. Direct mail postcards can sometimes be thrown out or bypass your intended recipient.

With a door hanger, even a homeowner who intends to throw away the paper will be exposed to your marketing message.

Door hangers are more effective than postcards and they should be included in your print marketing campaign.


The most effective marketing items are those that a consumer finds useful. Printed bookmarks can be used to save a person's place in a book, mark the current date in a day planner, or act as a stencil for drawing a straight line.

If you choose to invest in printed bookmarks, your company will gain exposure each time a consumer finds use for the bookmark.

The return on investment for bookmarks tends to be high, making them a great choice for any print marketing campaign.

For additional help, reach out to a local print shop.