Use Stickers To Classify Food Products

Labels make up a large portion of the advertising that you see when shopping for groceries or household products, but the label itself may not make a customer choose a particular product and some items may lack labeling altogether. Contemplate how you currently package hot and cold foods at your delicatessen and incorporate custom circle stickers into your packaging efforts.

Add Color To Clear And Plain Bags Or Butcher Paper

Colorful circle stickers that have your deli's logo and some information about a food product printed on them can be used to upgrade clear bags, plain bags, or butcher paper that is typically used to wrap freshly sliced cheeses and meats.

Glossy or matte vinyl stickers can be sized to your preferences, which will allow you to use small circle stickers for products that don't require any additional details added to them and large circle stickers for food items that you would like to provide expiration details or the weight of a product. In addition to being a useful resource material, stickers will eliminate the need to use tape to seal the edges of the paper that are wrapped around a perishable meat or cheese variety.

Identify Ingredients In Ready-To Eat Trays

If you have a line of ready-to-eat trays that are big sellers in your deli and you have been handwriting the labels that are secured to the plastic lids that are attached to foil trays, it will be much easier to keep up with the products that you have on hand if you use pre-printed stickers.

Order rolls of stickers that list the ingredients that are contained in hot and cold meals or platters. For an even more helpful approach, use vegan, kosher, and fat-free stickers so that customers can make selections based on their dietary guidelines.

Announce Markdowns

Being initially confused about the pricing of products can lead to people changing their minds several times during one trip to your deli. Avoid discrepancies and increase the chance of selling items that are due to expire by using custom stickers, like custom circle stickers, that are various colors and that have information about standard prices and discounts printed on them.

Black lettering that contrasts with a fluorescent sticker field will make your products stand out. People who want to get the best bargain possible will be able to quickly scan through the marked packages, in search of items that are within their budget.