3 Methods To Sell Your Firearms

Do you have firearms that you are looking to sell? If so, you're likely wondering what will be the best way to do it. Here are 3 methods that you can use to sell your firearms. 

Gun Shop

The easiest way to get rid of your old firearm is to take it to a gun shop that has an FFL license. The reason this is so easy is that you are not selling your guns to another person, but selling them to a company that is going to then resell them to another person. The reason that firearm owners like this method is because it is not only easy and quick, but it has no liability on your part. You don't have to worry about who you are selling your firearm to, so it can be a worry-free method to get rid of your firearm.

The downside to using a gun shop is that you are likely to get the least amount of money for your firearm. If you are concerned about getting top dollar for your firearms, this is not going to be the method that you want to use. 


A firearm auction can be a good way to sell your firearms due to the nature of how these sales work. By using an auction service, you will be selling the firearm to a group of people that are all competing to purchase the firearm, all of which are typically firearm enthusiasts that are looking to collect firearms. If you have a firearm that is not commonly collected, it may not sell that well at an auction. However, the older firearms that have something special about them are likely to sell for a higher value.

The company that runs the auction is going to take a percentage of the sale, but since you are getting more money than going through a gun shop, you'll still make more money in the end. 


You can also post an ad online to sell your firearm to another individual on sites that help facilitate private gun sales. This allows you to control the price of the firearm and sell it for the money that you think it is worth. There are pros and cons to using this method, but it is still a good option for some people. You'll likely need a company that has an FFL to help facilitate the sale and perform the background check on the buyer; they will likely charge a fee to process the gun.