Moving? Why and How to Create a Whole Home Inventory

Are you planning a long-distance move? If so, one of the first tasks you may want to accomplish is a whole home inventory. Why create a home inventory? And how should you go about doing so? Here's what you need to know about this important prep move.

Why Create an Inventory?

If you're like most Americans, your home has a lot of stuff. And when you pack up all this stuff, you can easily become disorganized. Disorganization risks some of your things not making it to the right new destination. By assessing what you have and being able to check it off a list, you ensure that nothing gets left behind, accidentally given away, or buried in the wrong box.

In addition, organizing your inventory helps your professional movers know what the job entails. Movers will need an accurate assessment of your stuff to write a reliable quote. And your backup documentation will work well against the company's record of what they take charge of.

Finally, an inventory helps out in case anything is damaged, broken, or goes missing during the move. Insurance reimbursement will be easier and more complete when you can provide more details. The act of inventorying items also helps you take time to locate receipts and other documents needed for insurance purposes. 

How Can You Create an Inventory?

So, how should you go about creating your home inventory? You have many choices, including apps specially designed to do the organization for you. If using old-fashioned pen and paper, start with some columns for relevant information. Depending on your stuff, this may include descriptions of the item, where to find receipts or titles for it, its condition, the room in which it belongs, and other special notes.

Start with the big-ticket items in each room. This includes both large items like furniture and items with a high financial value. By beginning with these, you have the most important information if you run out of time. As time allows, add smaller items. 

How detailed should you get? Some homeowners use this as a chance to dig deep and see what they have at home. A very detailed inventory can also help purge before the movers arrive. However, if you're pressed for time, combine groups of small items like books and utensils into one entry.

Where Can You Learn More? 

Want to know more about what's important to inventory before and move? Need more ideas for organizing your stuff or protecting it during the move? Start by meeting with movers like Christofferson Moving & Storage in your area. With their expertise, you're sure to find just the right level of detail for all your inventory needs and a more successful move.