5 Benefits Of Dash Cams In Commercial Trucks

A dash cam system can be one of the best things to add to the trucks in your commercial fleet. A quality system provides benefits for both the company as well as for the driver. The following are a few of the benefits offered by these systems.

1. Reduce Insurance Claims

Even small accidents between a commercial truck and a passenger car can lead to higher insurance costs for your company, especially if your driver is found at fault due to a lack of evidence to the contrary. A dash cam system always ensures there is a visual log of what happened in the event of an accident, and this evidence may be able to clear your drivers of any wrongdoing. The result is fewer at-fault and no-fault accidents and fewer insurance claims.

2. Monitor Driver Safety

Dash cams can also be used to monitor how your driver is doing. Periodically reviewing a tape can reveal unsafe driving habits, such as running a red light. This provides the opportunity for driver safety coaching so that these behaviors can be changed before an accident occurs. Some cameras even offer the ability to record details like the speed that vehicle is traveling.

3. Fraud Prevention

It's an unfortunate fact that some unscrupulous people target commercial trucks and fleet trucks for insurance fraud simply because they assume a company has a limitless bank account and would rather pay out than suffer bad press. With a dash cam system, you have video evidence of what actually happened. This can help you and your driver avoid fraudulent claims. 

4. 360 Degree Views

The modern dash cam doesn't just record what is happening in front of the driver. Modern systems for commercial trucks consist of multiple cameras that are recording a 360-degree view of the road around them. This means you will have video evidence of any type of accident, including rear-ending and sideswipes. This is a must since many truck accidents are not head-on collisions. 

5. Improve Accountability

Finally, driver accountability is important. When the driver is on the clock and operating a company vehicle, it is imperative that they stick to the approved routes and timetables. A dash camera system can help you monitor driver location along with things like route deviation and unscheduled breaks. This information can help inform disciplinary actions if need be. 

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