Keys to Making Movie Props Out of Expanding Foam

If you're in the movie business and need a cost-effective way to make props, one solution you might try is expanding foam. After it's sprayed out, it will expand in a rapid manner. Working with this substance for movie prop purposes will be easy thanks to these measures.

Come Up with Initial Plans First

If you don't want to waste your expanding foam product, then you need to come up with some initial plans for the movie props you're making out of this foam solution. Take as much time as you need to refine these plans too so that you have clear directions for how expanding foam needs to turn out at the end.

You can draw basic models or create 3D representations in software. You just want to have some idea of how to mold expanding foam to where it comes out perfect and creates quality movie props you feel proud to use in scenes. 

Make Sure Templates/Molds Are Defect-Free

In order to get expanding foam in a particular shape and size, you'll need to form it in a template or mold. You'll get better results when doing this if you verify these resources are defect-free. Then you can get a better expanding foam movie prop at the end that looks how it's supposed to.

The only way you're going to get defect-free molds or templates is if you test different designs out with different expanding foam products. This trial-and-error process will help you make the necessary adjustments until your templates/molds are perfect in every conceivable way.

Master Cutting and Trimming

Even if your molds/templates are perfect, you might still have to make adjustments to the expanding foam movie props once they've had time to cure. One of the most common adjustments is cutting and trimming. Make sure you master this editing process so that your movie props end up looking professional for various scenes they're going in.

Razor blades are very sharp and enable you to cut and trim in a precise manner. You just want to take your time and have a plan for your cuts so that you can make sure the right portions are removed. 

If you're looking to turn expanding foam into incredible movie props, you need to take some time to practice working with said solution. Eventually, you'll get to a point where you can make quality movie props quickly on a consistent basis, saving you time and money.